Prior to her tenure with Optima, Kem spent time as a property manager for the Homestead Group in Los Angeles, were she worked alongside general contractors during the final phases of development. She oversaw the completion stages and clean-up, and facilitated pre-leasing as well as management of the property units. She also spent earlier portions of her career with companies such as Swinterton & Walberg, WMD Distributors and R&B Residential Management Company.

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Bio | Kemberley Braswell, Senior Vice President of Operations and Management

A dedicated member of the Optima team since 1993, Kem has more than 30 years of experience in property management, accounting and construction. In her position, she oversees all phases of property management and operations for the comprehensive Optima portfolio. In addition to her property management responsibilities, she also has hands-on experience with major refurbishment and capital improvement projects such as re-roofs, lighting/energy retro-fits, interior/exterior renovations, tenant improvements, construction supervision, property accounting and general ledger.

Kem’s refined negotiation skills, multi-tasking abilities, and connection with her team and clients alike have made her an integral member of the Optima team. She is known for being solution-oriented and communicating effectively to ensure each facet of the various components she manages is always on a positive and progressive path.

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