Bio | Lily Clarke, Controller

With more than 35 years of experience in property management, accounting and reporting, Lily has earned a reputation for excellence. She has been recognized by esteemed organizations such as Allstate Life Insurance, Royal Trust of London and Zurich, and has proudly served on the Optima team for more than 25 years.

In her position as Controller, she is responsible for the comprehensive management and facilitation of Optima’s reporting and accounting. Lily serves as the point person for lending institutions and banks, facilitates tenant improvement draws and outgoing wires, manages operating accounts and ensures accurate reporting is completed for all properties. Her refined skill set helps manage the financial health of each property, and provides Optima with accuracy that is imperative for proper planning and forecasting.

Lily was recruited by Co-Founder Susan Morehead, who she had worked alongside at Searles Devcorp. She was recognized for her dedicated work ethic and joined the Optima team as the Accounting Manager, and then moved into her current position as Controller where she further excelled.

While earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University at Fullerton, Lily began her career in property management. She has spent time with companies such as PHI Enterprises, Searles Devcorp, All State Life Insurance and West Coast Properties. She has also been a respected consultant and advisor to The French Company, Harvard Industrial Properties, ESDI, Inc., and Saunders Property Company.  

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