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6501-6511 Serrano Ave, Anaheim

Leased, Inquire for Details

17802 Irvine Blvd (A), 17842 Irvine Blvd (B), Tustin

Suite A227, 1,150sf, Available Now

Suite A237, 288sf, Available Now,

Suite B116/118, 847sf, Available Now

Suite B120, 1,096sf, Available Now

Suite B122, 288sf, Available Now

Suite B210, 1,011sf, Available Now

Suite B236, 921sf, Available Now

B238, 1,250sf, Available Now

300 South Fair Oaks, 20 and 30 E. Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena

Leased, Inquire for Details

655 Camino De Los Mares, San Clemente

Suite 117, 1,466sf, Available Now

Suite 118, 1,400sf, Available Now

Suite 120, 1,305sf, Available Now

Suite 121, 1,429sf, Available Now

Suite 128, 1,444sf, Available Now

653 Camino De Los Mares, San Clemente

Leased, Inquire for Details

901 Dover Drive, Newport Beach

Suite 123, 306sf, Leased, Inquire for Details

Suite 235, 730sf, Available 08.01.16

Suite 239, 438sf, Available with 30 Notice

1501 Westcliff, Newport Beach

Suite 280, 1,184sf, Available Now

4360 Campus Drive, Newport Beach

Leased, Inquire for Details

3723 Birch Street, Newport Beach

Leased, Inquire for Details